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Innovators are born.

Already in 1912, at the time of its birth, Fratelli Guzzini had in itself the seed of innovation. A seed made fertile by the energy of a man with an open mind, Enrico Guzzini, who also took advantage of his experiences abroad to restore his old-fashioned re-founding style to an ancient activity: the creation of refined ox horn objects . Later, around 1938, it was another generation of Guzzini who gave life to a small revolution, with the introduction of Plexiglas in the manufacture of objects for the home. From here on, the company's history is marked by a series of steps decidedly taken on the road of the new. The arrival of molding acrylics in the early 60s, with the contemporary intuition of Raimondo Guzzini to give the company a more open entrepreneurial logic and to import in the Marche the creative ideas of some of the best minds of design, starting with Luigi Massoni. And then the development of the two-color project in the '80s, the leap towards gas-assisted injection in the 90s, up to the current research on new plastic materials and their infinite potential, with the successful combination of futuristic acrylics to the most classic elements of tradition, such as porcelain, glass, steel and wood. Of course, after almost a century, to give the main push to this evolution (and to that of all the companies of the family holding company, Fimag), there continues to be a group of managers who share the same innate passion for the new and the same surname: Guzzini.

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