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La Confettata, a true triumph of sweetness with a strong visual impact to enjoy, even with the eyes, the legendary confetti.

There is a buffet that more than any other represents a paradise for all the greediest guests; is La Confettata or buffet of confetti, a real trend that is becoming increasingly popular.

It is not, however, simply to expose the confetti in colored containers; in the confetti it is necessary to take into consideration the different aspects of marriage: its theme, for example, but also the colors used in the outfits, the floral decorations and, why not, even the bride's dress!

Since it is a candy, tastes are the most varied!

Today the beloved almond is flanked by flavors like champagne, amaretto, coconut, walnut, dark chocolate, babà, limoncello, ricotta and pears, toffee and many others ...

Very useful will be to indicate the various tastes on special plates.

For the tasting, we usually prepare paper cones (or any other disposable container) so that each guest can select the tastes he likes.

Two delicious alternatives to the classic candy are the caramel (based on lollipops, colored pralines and sweets of all kinds) and the sweet table that often goes alongside the table of confetti with chocolates, small pastries, macarons, marshmallows ...

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